Bali” the victim written by Vijay Tendulkar is a suspense one-act play.

Tendulkar’s plays bring a turning point in Indian theatre as they shock the sensibility of the conventional audience by projecting the reality of life, human relationships, and existence. His plays are revolutionary in the sense that they bring about a transformation in the audience’s mindset.

 ' Bali ' the word means “Victim”. The play revolves around a plot of a suspected poisoning case involving a doctor and a patient couple; even though the solicitor and Police Inspectors were following the day-to-day happenings.

It’s a story of love, friendship, suffering, and hope for happiness at the end of the tunnel. But no matter how much you plan or plot or expect, after all, everything is destined at the mercy of the reality of life.

Do watch to see “What happens next in the play BALI”

The performance is in Marathi and is suitable for all ages.

Producer : Leena Deodhare & Rama Joshi
Director : 
Rama Joshi
Dramaturge : 
Prakash Date
Author / Playwright / Originator :  Vijay Tendulkar
Cast :

Vivek-Gulavane new